A caring, relaxed, happy environment for children 2 years to school age

What we offer


The Playgroup offers pre-school children every opportunity to learn and develop through purposeful play in a happy, stimulating and secure environment.

There are 7 members of staff with a maximum of 24 children who attend each morning.

As a team we feel passionate about fostering the children’s self-esteem and inner confidence in a group environment. We aim to achieve this by building strong relationships with the child and their family, so each child can reach their full potential.

All children are assigned a key person. We work with the child as an individual, using observations to gain an insight into their interests and we use these to plan activities to consolidate and extend their learning and development.

We enjoy a close partnership with parents and your involvement is greatly appreciated. Settling your child is important and with your knowledge and support we try to make this as smooth as possible.

By remaining with us for a second year your child will continue to blossom with familiar adults who are committed to supporting them in their learning journey.

“The friendly, warm and caring atmosphere makes parents and children feel part of the team. Children are treated as individuals and my daughters were specially supported with English as it is their second language.”